Su-57 vs F-35: Russian fighter vs American fighter

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Comparison between Su-57 vs F-35-2

The Su-57 and F-35 are fifth-generation fighter jets with distinct strengths and weaknesses. The F-35 is considered stealthier due to its radar-absorbent materials and careful shaping, while the Su-57 uses a different approach focused on specific angles, resulting in a potentially larger radar signature. (Su-57 vs F-35) The F-35 features advanced integrated sensors and a helmet-mounted display, providing superior situational awareness and target tracking. It is designed for air-to-air combat, ground attack, intelligence gathering, and electronic warfare, while the Su-57 primarily emphasizes air superiority with multirole capabilities. The F-35 is not as fast but remains highly maneuverable, while the Su-57 boasts exceptional speed and agility. The F-35 is in mass production and deployed in over a dozen countries, while the Su-57 is limited to Russia. The choice depends on specific mission scenarios, pilot training, and overall military strategies. (Su-57 vs F-35)

Basic outlook comparison of Su-57 vs F-35

Relevant for comparisonSukhoi Su-57Lockheed Martin F-35
Length20.1 M15.7 M
Height4.6 M4.4 M
Wingspan14.1 M11 M
Wing Area515 Sq ft412 Sq ft
Basic outlook comparison (Su-57 vs F-35)
Su-57 vs F-35
Su-57 vs F-35 Flying

Comparison of weight and engine power of Su-57 vs F-35

Relevant for comparisonSukhoi Su-57Lockheed Martin F-35
Gross weight29.7 ton22.4 ton
MTO weight35 ton31.7 ton
Powerplant2x SATURN AL-41F1 1x F135-PW-100
Thrust(147 X 2)NK191NK
Max. Speed2600 km/h1930 km/h
Comparison of weight and engine power (Su-57 vs F-35)
Su-57 vs F-35
Su-57 vs F-35 firing

Comparison of Range and Altitude of Su-57 vs F-35

Relevant for comparisonSukhoi Su-57Lockheed Martin F-35
Cruise SpeedMach 2Mach 1.6
Range3500 km2800 km
Combat Range2200 km1241 km
Service Ceiling20000 M15000 M
Rate of Climb1500 km1239 km
Wing Loading1,239 kg/sq m820 kg/sq m
Comparison of Range and Altitude (Su-57 vs F-35)

Comparison of Armory Carry of Su-57 vs F-35

Sukhoi Su-57:

Almost all types of Russian missiles and bombs. (Su-57 vs F-35)

KAB-250 guided bomb
KAB-500 guided bomb
Anti-tank “Drill”

(Su-57 vs F-35)

Su-57 vs F-35
Su-57 vs F-35 weapon Bay

F-35 Lightning II:

Almost all types of UA missiles and bombs. (Su-57 vs F-35)

AIM-9X Sidewinder
MBDA Meteor
GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb
GBU-53/B StormBreaker
B61 mod 12

(Su-57 vs F-35)

Avionics Comparison of Su-57 vs F-35

Sukhoi Su-57:

MIRES stands for multifunctional integrated radio electronic system (Sh-121).
Byelka radar (60 tracks, 400 km, 16 targets)
N036-1-01: Active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar operating in the frontal X-band
N036B-1-01: X-band AESA radars operating in the cheeks for enhanced angle coverage
N036L-1-01: IFF L402 Himalayas electronic countermeasure suite slat L-band arrays
Electro-optical targeting system 101KS Atoll
101KS-O: Infrared Counter Measures with Laser Directionality
101KS-V: Track and search with infrared
101KS-U: Warning system for ultraviolet missile approaches
101KS-N: Pod of interest
101KS-P: thermal imaging system for night landings and low-altitude flying

(Su-57 vs F-35)

F-35 Lightning II:

AN/APG-81 AESA radar
AN/AAQ-40 Electro-Optical Targeting System
AN/AAQ-37 Electro-Optical Distributed Aperture System
AN/ASQ-239 Barracuda electronic warfare/electronic countermeasures system
AN/ASQ-242 CNI suite

(Su-57 vs F-35)

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Which one is better in f-35 vs Su-57?

The F-35 and Su-57 are both capable of different missions, with the F-35 excelling in stealth, sensor fusion, multi-role capability, and global interoperability, while the Su-57 offers super maneuverability, high speed, powerful radar, and long-range missiles. (Su-57 vs F-35)

What is the basic difference between f-35 and Su-57?

The F-35 and Su-57 are fifth-generation fighter jets with distinct design philosophies. The F-35 prioritizes stealth and multi-role capabilities, while the Su-57 focuses on supersonic maneuverability and high-speed interception. Both aircraft carry various weapons, but the Su-57 has a longer-range R-37M missile. (Su-57 vs F-35)

How much cost per unit for Su-57 vs f-35?

Su-57: (42-70) million dollars per unit.
F-35: (77-110) million dollars per unit.
(Su-57 vs F-35)

Which engines are used in F-35 vs Su-57 and how many?

In the F-35C, the US Air Force used a single F135-PW-100 engine. In the Su-57, the Russian Air Force used a dual SATURN AL-41F1 engine. (Su-57 vs F-35)

Which fighter jet is more capable in a dogfight between the j-20 and f-35?

The Su-57 and F-35 fighters, both under development, have distinct strengths and weaknesses in dogfighting. Pilot experience and tactical prowess significantly influence the fight’s outcome, with the aircraft’s specific context influencing the outcome. (Su-57 vs F-35)

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