PanoX V2 360 Overview, Feature and Price: Genuine Review 2024.

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PanoX V2 360

In the recent past, 360-degree cameras have become more and more successful. An enthusiast for cameras has to always have this device with them. This article will cover using the Pano X V2 360 Pocket Camera for panoramic photography. With a PanoX V2 360 Review, Features, and Price, what distinguishes this cutting-edge gadget with 12K resolution.

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Opening the PanoX V2 360

The Pano X V2 impresses you with its sleek look and promise for intriguing features as soon as you open the package. The fact that Pano X has included useful extras like a lens cap and an easy-to-use selfie stick in the package shows how committed they are to making your experience with their product better.
To guarantee the greatest images in every frame, the camera features a half-inch sensor in addition to a 3-inch touchscreen. It keeps firm thanks to clever design features including a threaded bottom that can hold a selfie stick or tripod.

PanoX V2 360 Configuration

You should definitely download the Panorama X app as it is incredibly simple to get started with. Controlling, editing, and fully utilizing the camera is made simple with this helpful little assistant. Examining the configuration briefly reveals that the left side includes a Micro SD card slot, a USB Type C port for charging, and ventilation, while the right side has a power button and a speaker.

Features of the PanoX V2 360

360° Photography using PanoX V2

The camera takes excellent 360-degree pictures, and even in dimly lit environments, the dynamic range is remarkable. Even in direct sunshine, the HDR function preserves excellent detail and produces amazing results. Users can choose between flat aspect ratio, 8K resolution, or the incredible 12K Panorama version through the export choices.

PanoX V2 360
PanoX V2 360 Outlook

PanoX V2 360-degree Magical Video

When it comes to the Pano X V2, there’s no denying that it is a true star. A function for editing that allows the application’s keyframes to move smoothly and dynamically is revolutionary. When participating in dynamic activities like skating and riding, among others, the camera’s stabilization is so good that it records fluid footage.

Smarter tracking and Time-lapse

It gains artistic flavor from the time-lapse option, which produces a horizontal video with a panoramic view. Movement monitoring is made simple with the use of video subject tracking and AI-enabled intelligent tracking.

Export Options for PanoX V2 360

One other example of the app’s adaptability is its ability to export films in several formats, including 360-degree and flat modes. Content makers have several alternatives when it comes to sharing their immersive works because to this flexibility and the possibility of resolutions up to 4K.

Parts for the PanoX V2 360

The camera’s portability is enhanced with a lens cap and a case for protection. With the case’s 18W charging capability, your 1500mAh battery will be fully charged in no time at all without requiring you to take the smartphone apart.

PanoX V2 360
PanoX V2 360

Price of PanoX V2 360

Priced at about $400 on Amazon is the PanoX V2 360. One of the greatest mobile devices that is always and everywhere useful is this one.

Camera Specifications

Image Resolution: 5.7K (57602880); 12K (119685984)
Picture format: JPG
Picture mode: HDR
Photography mode mode: Single-lens
Manual Settings for Photos: White Balance, EV, ISO, and Shutter
Video Frame Rates and Resolutions:The video format is MP4, and the live streaming resolution is 4K@30FPS, 1280P@30FPS.
The resolution is 8K (76803840)@10FPS, 5.7K (57602880)@30FPS.
Image Sensor: 1/2″ Sony CMOS sensor2 Lens: 200° fisheye2
Audio: supporting AAC for two channels of audio
RAM for storage: 6GB; external storage (TF Card 64GB–1TB, U3 V30) supported
APP:PANOX (Android/iOS)
Ethernet Port RJ45 for connection: 100M/1000M (optional hub required).
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac 80MHz Dual-band Multi-user MIMO.
Qualcomm Aptx is supported by Bluetooth BT 5.1.

PanoX V2 360 Configuration and Features

360° Photography using PanoX V2
PanoX V2 360-degree Magical Video
Smarter tracking and Time-lapse
Export Options for PanoX V2 360
Parts for the PanoX V2 360

In summary of PanoX V2 360

To sum up, Pano X V2 offers a welcome departure from the traditional method of creating material. Its power comes from its ability to take pictures of memories in a way that is considerably different from what is typically seen in smartphone photos. PanoX V2 is a useful tool because of its many resolution possibilities, HDR capabilities, and user-friendly editing functions.

Here are some more phones by Samsung we have reviewed. You can see the overview of the Galaxy S 24 UltraNubia Z50 Ultra and Oneplus N30 5G. You will love to know about this phone. Just click on the name of the phone.

Here is the source link to Samsung’s official website. You can check here and go to the website and check it out.


How much time does the PanoX V2 take to record a video?

An option to patch together multiple recordings is available in the PanoX V2 360 camera’s 15-second vlog mode. Moreover, the camera can capture 360° films.

What is the duration required for charging the Panox V2?

A two-hour full recharge is possible for the 1500mAh battery of the Panox V2. Though 360° live streaming may require an additional battery, the battery should last four to five hours.

How much time does it take to stream live content using the Panox V2?

Up to thirty megabits per second of live 4K streaming can be achieved with the Panox V2. Facebook 360 and YouTube VR are two streaming platforms that it can simultaneously multicast to.

How can I use time-lapse photography with the Panox V2?

An interval mode on the Panox V2 allows for 12K or 5.7K resolution shooting. The timing turbo can also be adjusted to 5, 8, or 10 seconds. The images can only be saved as JPEGs.

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