J-20 vs F-35: Chengdu fighter vs Lockheed Martin fighter.

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F-35 vs J-20

The J-20 and F-35 are fifth-generation fighter jets with advanced capabilities, but each has its strengths and weaknesses. The J-20 has a larger radar cross-section (RCS) for superior loitering and penetration, while the F-35 has a very low RCS for superior loitering and penetration. The J-20 features an advanced radar and electro-optical sensor suite, while the F-35 has an Integrated Aperture System (EAS) for exceptional situational awareness. The J-20 carries PL-15 long-range missiles and various internal and external weapons options, while the F-35 has an internal weapons bay for stealthy operations. The J-20 has higher production costs and a smaller number of aircraft deployed, while the F-35 has a lower per-unit cost. The “better” fighter depends on specific mission requirements and operational contexts. (j-20 vs f-35)

Basic talks about this comparison

The comparison between the J-20 and F-35 (j-20 vs f-35) is complex due to their distinct strengths and weaknesses. The F-35 is considered stealthier due to its smaller radar cross-section and advanced radar-absorbent materials, while the J-20 has a larger size and design choices that may compromise its stealth capabilities. The F-35 has a highly advanced integrated sensor suite and data fusion capabilities, providing superior situational awareness. The J-20 has a higher maximum speed and slightly longer range, potentially advantageous in high-speed interception missions. The F-35 focuses on maneuverability and fuel efficiency, offering better-sustained performance in dogfights and longer patrols. The J-20 is primarily an air-to-air interceptor with a longer range and heavier firepower, potentially posing a threat to larger aircraft and ground targets. Both aircraft represent the cutting edge of fighter technology and will likely shape air combat for years to come.(j-20 vs f-35)

Basic outlook comparison J-20 vs F-35

Relevant for comparisonChengdu J-20F-35 Lightning
Length21.2 M15.7 M
Height4.69 M4.4 M
Wingspan13 M11 M
Wing Area38.27 Sq M27.90 Sq M
Wing Area38.27 Sq M27.90 Sq M
Basic outlook comparison
F-35 vs J-20
F-35 vs J-20 Looks

Weight and engine power comparison of J-20 vs F-35

Relevant for comparisonChengdu J-20F-35 Lightning
Gross weight17 ton13.2 ton
MTO weight37 ton29.9 ton
Powerplant2x Shenyang WS-10C1x F135-PW-100
Thrust140NK to 280NK125NK to 178NK
Max. Speed2450 km/h1930 km/h
Weight and engine power comparison

Range and Altitude Comparison of J-20 vs F-35

Relevant for comparisonChengdu J-20F-35 Lightning
Cruise SpeedMach 2.25Mach 1.6
Range5500 km2800 km
Combat Range2200 km1241 km
Service Ceiling20000 M15000 M
Rate of Climb304 m/s254 m/s
Wing Loading1,239 kg/sq m820 kg/sq m
Range and Altitude comparison
j-20 vs f-35
F-35and J-20 Weapon Bay

Comparison of Armory Carry of J-20 vs F-35

Chengdu J-20:

Almost all types of Chinese missiles and bombs

Internal weapon bays
PL-10 Short Range AAM
PL-12 Medium Range AAM
PL-15 Long Range AAM
PL-21 Very Long Range AAM
LS-6/50 kg and LS-6/100 kg
Anti-radiation missile

F-35 Lightning II:

Almost all types of UA missiles and bombs

AIM-9X Sidewinder
MBDA Meteor
GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb
GBU-53/B StormBreaker
B61 mod 12

(j-20 vs f-35)

J-20 vs F-35
F-35and J-20 Firing Capability

Avionics Comparison of J-20 vs F-35

Chengdu J-20:

Type 1475 (KLJ-5) AESA Radar
EOTS-86 electro-optical targeting system
EORD-3 infrared search and track

F-35 Lightning II:

AN/APG-81 AESA radar
AN/AAQ-40 Electro-Optical Targeting System
AN/AAQ-37 Electro-Optical Distributed Aperture System
AN/ASQ-239 Barracuda electronic warfare/electronic countermeasures system
AN/ASQ-242 CNI suite

(j-20 vs f-35) Here is the link to the USA Air Force. website. You can visit this website to confirm all the information.

Which one is better in f-35 vs j-20?

The F-35 and J-20 fighter jets have distinct strengths and weaknesses, with the former offering superior stealth, sensor fusion, and versatility, while the latter offers superior speed and climbing performance. (j-20 vs f-35)

What is the basic difference between f-35 and j-20?

The F-35 and J-20 fighters differ in focus, stealth, sensor suite, weapons, performance, cost, and deployment. The F-35 focuses on stealth and sensor fusion, while the J-20 focuses on speed, range, and firepower. The choice depends on mission requirements and context. (j-20 vs f-35)

What is the cost difference between j-20 and f-35?

The F-35 and J-20 production costs vary significantly, with estimates ranging from $85 million to $110 million depending on the variant and production lot, and potentially even higher between $120 million and $200 million. (j-20 vs f-35)

What is the role of j-20 and f-35 in a fight?

The roles of the J-20 and F-35 in a hypothetical conflict depend on the context. The J-20 excels in long-range interception, strike, and high-altitude dominance, while the F-35 uses stealth, sensor fusion, and multirole flexibility. (j-20 vs f-35)

Which fighter jet is more capable in a dogfight between j-20 and f-35?

The J-20 and F-35 jets face challenges in predicting the outcome of a dogfight due to uncertainties, classified details, and varying pilot skill levels. The J-20 has powerful engines, while the F-35 offers superior stealth and situational awareness. (j-20 vs f-35)

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