5 Unknown iPhone 15 Plus Features Every Owner Should Be Aware Of 2024

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iPhone 15 Plus

Hidden Features of the iPhone 15 Plus/iPhone 15: Apple released the iPhone 15 series in September of 2023. However, hardly 5% of people are aware of some hidden aspects. Knowing these iPhone 15 hidden features will enhance your iPhone experience and enable you to do tasks even faster than usual if you already own one or plan to get one. I will thus reveal to you six iPhone 15/iPhone 15 hidden features in this article.

iPhone 15 Plus Island of Dynamism

One feature that sets the current generation of iPhones apart from previous non-pro models, such as the iPhone 14, 13, and so forth, is Dynamic Island. It facilitates quick setting changes and shortcut opening for users. You can customize Dynamic Island to make your phone experience easier. Dynamic Island was originally designed to take calls and modify settings.

People can turn the Dynamic Island into a banner by going to settings and adjusting how calls are displayed. This makes seeing when a call is coming in simple. Music can also be controlled with Dynamic Island’s versatility. You can control Spotify or Apple Music playback with ease. Swipe left to remove the sound picture, then swipe right to re-add it. It gives your screen a little more of your personal flair. Dynamic Island also demonstrates how to utilize it for driving directions.

iPhone 15 Plus Display
iPhone 15 Plus Display

By indicating your destination, it aids in safe driving.
Applications such as Block Launcher and Pixel Pals provide a variety of ways for users to make more changes. Block Launcher allows users to customize a Dynamic Island shortcut menu. System controls and app shortcuts may be available on this menu. In the meantime, Dynamic Island’s playful pixel mascot is introduced in Pixel Pals.

This adds a fresh and entertaining dimension to your smartphone experience. All things considered, Dynamic Island is one of the iPhone 15’s hidden features that allows you to use the device.

iPhone 15 Plus USB-C Charging

Faster charging and increased accessory compatibility are two benefits of the iPhone 15 series’ use of USBC. While type A charging is still available, it is now quicker and more seamless than with the iPhone 14 and previous models. Any type-C charging cable that is approved can be used. Now while the USB-C port can connect to a wide range of devices, including lighting, fans, microphones, and LED lights, its primary function remains charging your iPhone or other Apple devices.

One significant improvement is the ability to transfer files and images with ease while using external storage devices. The iPhone breaks conventional bounds with its multipurpose utility thanks to USBC. For several purposes, this makes it a useful tool.

iPhone 15 Plus Capabilities of the Camera

The 48-megapixel camera on the iPhone 15 enhances the clarity and detail of your photos. By simply adjusting a few parameters, users can maximize the performance of this camera by activating the resolution control. This ensures that every image makes advantage of all 48 million pixels, resulting in a higher-quality and more detailed image. I advise adding some money to your budget and choosing the most recent series if you want to purchase the 14+ series. You’ll receive one more iOS update along with all of this.

iPhone 15 Plus Camera
iPhone 15 Plus Camera

The camera also features a two-time zoom, providing three distinct frame sizes for versatile framing: ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto. The F symbol, however, is what matters most. When someone shows up, this takes place. This sign informs people of the distance between items. After shooting the picture, they can edit it to create a custom and distinctive portrait mode.

iPhone 15 Plus In Standby Mode

When charging, the charging mode on your iPhone converts it to a digital clock. The iOS 17 update offers a number of customization options for the sleep mode. Numerous options are available, such as photo album displays or several kinds of clocks. All of these are conceivable. This technology ensures that the battery life of your phone won’t be harmed by leaving it on all night. This is among the greatest secret characteristics of the iPhone 15 that you can utilize.

iPhone 15 Plus Creative Calling Functionalities

FaceTime video chat is used during phone calls on the iPhone 15. There are now hand-gesture-based animated responses included. Images of hearts and thumbs up can be a playful way for people to express their emotions during video chats. Users are able to see and read voicemail messages thanks to the live voicemail feature. It offers a unique approach to communicate.

iPhone 15 Plus Improving Security and Privacy

Regarding sensitive content, the iPhone 15 offers a privacy and security advisory. By selecting this option, users may be certain that any photo received via message that may contain offensive content will be immediately screened and distorted. This maintains the view tidy and safe.
So, they were Hidden Features of the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15

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What is the work of the Island of Dynamism?

On the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 Pro models, the Dynamic Island can show alerts for Apple Pay transactions, low battery warnings, AirDrop transfers, and more.

IS there using USB-C Charging system on the iPhone 15 Plus?

Yes, USB-C Charging system included with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. The package includes a USB-C Charge Cable that works with USB-C power adapters and computer ports and allows fast charging.

What is the price of the iPhone 15 Plus in the USA?

iPhone has several lines of their phone. for the 15 series on iPhone 15 the price is around $800 and for iPhone 15 Plus the price is around $900.

What chipset has been used in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus?

The 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Plus features an OLED display, an A16 Bionic processor, iOS 17, a hexa-core Apple GPU (5-core), two rear cameras (48MP + 12MP), a single front camera, Bluetooth 5.3, 128GB of storage, and a weight of 201g.

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